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Nov 5, 2008
Horse Council's Business of the Year Award
Science Pure Nutraceuticals was nominated for and has won the Horse Council BC award for “Horse Business of the Year - 2008”.... More
Jan 1, 2008
Safe & Free of Contaminents - China
Dear Valued Customer,

With recent health issues plaguing the pet food industry, we, at SciencePure Nutraceuticals take it upon ourselves to forward the following statement.

This letter... More


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Pureform Equine Supplements are scientifically superior!

Equine Veterinary published a study: Equine vet J. (2006) 38 (1) 93-95. Evaluation of Glucosamine levels in commercial equine oral supplements for joints. Based on glucosamine levels measured in this study, a 10 g dose was achieved by only 2 of the 23 products.

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