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Molly Powell

"When I fed Pecan Performance One, it was a MIRACLE!!! She would NOT be here today if it were not for PUREFORM supplements. I have fed the Pureform Supplements such as Glucosamine PLUS, Performance ONE, Support ONE, Cool As Ice, and Stable Milled Flax (on an individual, as needed basis) to every NFR horse that I have ridden for many years (since 2000)! Thank you SciencePure Nutraceuticals and PUREFORM for keeping us on the road!" - Molly Powell, 10 time NFR Qualifier - Jan 24, 2008

Terri Kaye Kirkland

"I have been using Performance ONE for a good five or six years now and have found it to still be the most complete supplement for my performance horses. Performance ONE has been consistent in the formula and an easy to feed palatable powder that gives the results I am looking for. Speed and consistency in performance is what I get, no matter how much we travel. I recommend the PUREFORM products to everyone at my clinics because our horses work to hard not to give them the best." - Terri Kaye Kirkland, MT, USA

Tana Renick

I am really impressed with the products, knowledge and service from PUREFORM! My mare is running strong and hard, we are currently ranked 30th in the NFR world standings, thank you! I am just beginning to notice scine the hauling has increased, she is still able to have energy to fire with the PERFORMANCE ONE and extra E-Concentrate.

I have to admit that I really didn't think the New AMMO Product could possibly work, things like that usually don't. But yes, I can't believe the difference! My mare warmed up the same, no hottness at all! When we made our runs we definately had more power, especially the run we made in the sudded death round! I am in awe with the AMMO, it really does what it says it does! I never want to run without it!!!!! I still can't believe the results!!!!!!! Thank you ... Tana an XV Wildchild! June 2011

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