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Cody Smith

"We have only been using Performance One for a short time, but have already noticed a difference in our horses. Our entire barn (20 plus horses) are on Performance One. All the horses eat it; it’s very palatable, they have terrific hair coats, have had no soundness issues and are ready to perform!" - Cody Smith

Cub Wright

“I have been using Performance One for the last 5 years with very positive results in all of my horses and my student’s horses. I believe the success of Lolas Oak who is now retired but was a competitive cutter until 2003 at the age of 20 can be attributed to this great product. Oak broke his withers in 1993 and was able to return to competition where he finished top ten in the NCHA world standings in 1996. Oak went on to win several more cutting titles in Canada until he was retired in 2004 due to a loss of eye site. I have several old horses in my cutting program and believe that they remain sound due to the use of Performance One, in their diet. I like that it is easy to feed and very palatable for the horses.” - Cub Wright, Prairie Oak Ranch – May 2005

Phil Hanson

SciencePure Nutraceuticals has been proudly sponsoring athletes since 1998. Our sponsored athletes have recognized the difference that our Nutraceutical formulas make in competition. We are not only committed to the science of Nutraceuticals but wish to foster the spirit and passion of equine sports internationally. As we invest into the future of Nutraceuticals through research and development we will continue to support competitive athletes abroad. Contact us anytime at 1-877-533-9163 for more information.

Rock Hedlund

"I supplement my cutting horses with Performance One for that winning edge!" - Rock Hedlund

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