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Yvette Vinton

"VIGOR has been THE supplement that I have been adding to my Endurance horses feed, for several years now. It has everything I want in it, no more scoops from numerous jars. We have seen a great response in maintaining soundness at health at improvement in recovery times following arduous endurance races. My horses have also represented Canada in Dubai, UAE several times, and the most recent was the World Championships 2005 in Dubai, bringing home a 4th place for Canada! (out of 32 countries) Pureform products have proven to me, that they are beneficial to my horses muscular and skeletal systems. They are still going strong. Thanks Pureform!!"

Pureform Equine Supplements are scientifically superior!

Equine Veterinary published a study: Equine vet J. (2006) 38 (1) 93-95. Evaluation of Glucosamine levels in commercial equine oral supplements for joints. Based on glucosamine levels measured in this study, a 10 g dose was achieved by only 2 of the 23 products.

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