First Response Testimonials


I Just wanted to give you an update on my geldings founder situation since finishing with his meds (Naquazone, Banamine, Prevacox, Omeprazol, Isoxsoprene, Excenel). He has been on the First Response since Friday morning, three days ago, and I am seeing big improvements! Very happy to report that he is walking normally on soft footing, and only a bit short on the firmer stuff. So glad to be able to use this instead of the heavy duty drugs….I’m sure his kidneys and stomach are relieved as well….haha. He happily eats the First Response with his milled flax and just handful of oats. Anyways, I will continue to keep you posted on how he does, and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with what I’m seeing so far. Thanks again, Julie Crawford & Blackbird
- Julie Crawford, (June, 2013)