Cool As Ice Testimonials


"I used CoolAsIce for the first time last weekend on a mare that is known to be quite hyper entering the stadium especially outdoors. This was an outdoor rodeo and I knew she would need something to calm her but I didn't want to sedate in any way. I had heard a bit about your CoolAsIce and decided to give it a try and wow - she was calm, cool and collected. She passed the bulls without a flutter and went through the alley getting ready. When she saw the crowds and heard the noise she just looked for the first barrel, then she flew. I couldn't believe it, she felt great and in control. That's her first check outdoor…Cool - Thank you!"
- Jerri-Lynn Chevallier, Canadian Pro Barrels , BC, Canada & USA (June, 2003)


"I really like 'cool as ice' and I recommend it to every one. Since I have used it on my barrel horse, I have been able to ride and 'get with him' alot better. We didn't need to use it at the last jackpot. But I always have some on hand (just in case) ;) I am a huge fan of your products and when I find something that works..I stick with it, people take notice when our horses are looking and feeling FABULOUS!!"
- Lee Cayer, (February, 2008)


"I have been playing around with the product CoolAsIce dosing on two of my horses and have personally found that a 1/2 dose works best so far for my horses. I have one that is scared of the arena after a wreck many years ago and this product has enabled him to relax and do his job much better (barrel race) The other horse is a very high calibur horse and taking that edge off makes him easier for me to ride and it seems to help his mind focus. He has had excellent runs being on CoolAsIce. I love this stuff!"
- Marcia, (February, 2008)


"When I fed Pecan Performance One, it was a MIRACLE!!! She would NOT be here today if it were not for PUREFORM supplements. I have fed the Pureform Supplements such as Glucosamine PLUS, Performance ONE, Support ONE, Cool As Ice, and Stable Milled Flax (on an individual, as needed basis) to every NFR horse that I have ridden for many years (since 2000)! Thank you SciencePure Nutraceuticals and PUREFORM for keeping us on the road!"
- Molly Powell, 10 time NFR Qualifier, (January, 2008)


"Our 6 year old thoroughbred has always had a problme with trailoring anywhere. Two miles might as well be 200 to him - he travels terrible. It doesn't even matter what trailer or driver, he will lay down, kick, ram, rear, shake and sweat. We have tried everthing to calm him down - he always comes off ringing wet and shaking. Well, we use your PUREFORM Support One as his daily supplement and we love what it has done for his coat and feet. Anyway, you came out with the CoolAsIce this spring and we decided to give it to him the eve before trailoring out early the next morning. I was shocked, he was great.. No noise during the two hours of hauling and we had a great ride through the mountain trails. He even loaded oakay and traveled well coming home - just a bit heated but still had his legs under him. We can only hope we will learn that trailoring isn't that bad if we keep using it every weekend. I'll let you know after the summer."
- Catherine James, BC, Canada (July, 2003)