Have you "felt" what your horse is feeling?

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Obvious communication signals from ears, eyes and tail

There are many ways to communicate with horses, but horses also communicate with us in a way that we are not typically aware of.
If you have grown up with horses, you undoubtedly know how to read the physical cues a horse gives or postures toward a person or situation. We all know ears pointing in different directions, rotating, and listening for the environmental dangers or cues from your voice. When ears are "pinned back", we should want to give way and get back by 10 paces or else teeth will be coming at you hard and fast.

Almost the same goes for as a swishing tail. Depending on the energy put into the swish, it can be a hard warning before the ears are pinned because you haven't listened, felt, or seen any of the other warning signals. If you aren't looking at their eyes and don't see the hardened, tense eyes, dropped brow and ears half back and turned toward you, they will warn with a harsh whipping of the tail.

Widened eyes to expose more than normal whites of the eye ball are signs of alertness and readiness to use all of their magnificent muscle to bolt and save it's life. Knocking over anything or anyone in the way. All that muscle power is ready to take flight when they "feel" a physical or an intentional threat, but they will also be preparing to flee if they don't feel an energetic threat intention but instead see something out of the ordinary like a plastic bag blowing in the wind. They will undoubted bolt hard and fast as it is unknown and a threat.

You can learn to communicate with your horse in a way that helps you understand his needs and wants so that you can connect and become a successful team. Horses are energetic, Sentient beings that are intune with the earth’s magnetic energies and the field of energy that every living thing has. This energy changes or shifts as the "intention or thought" in which the energy field expands. All Sentient beings (humans included) feel this "intention" with an "intuition” that is quantum energy.

(next section - Energentic communication coming soon .... What we humans strive for, is a connection to our amazing equine partner. A connection and communication that is shows with a softness of the eye and muscle. A relaxed and accepting the loving intent of kindness, trust and partnering.)

Words from a client/friend, living across the country - Dianne:

Maddie_Annie DENBY

Maddie (left) & Annie (right)

2-3 year old Maddie came from a breeding situation with trust issues. She had, had rehoming attempts before coming to be with Dianne and husband Jim.

There is of course a heartfelt back story to these emails received:

Sept 28, 2022

Shelley ... I can't thank you enough for your advice. We followed it closely (exactly, actually) and you were bang on. It's only been 4 days but every day is soooo much better than the day before. She's (Maddie) going to be a such a gift in all our lives, and us in hers. Today we saw joy in her eyes for the first time. (photo attached).

Oct 4, 2022

"Hello my friend Shelley. As I write to you Maddie is sitting by my side and Annie is next to her. They have found peace… we all have… and so much joy. It wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance and support. Thank you.

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