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Support One

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The all-in-one Support One!!

All-in-one concentrated support formula that delivers an amazing combination of Glucosamine, MSM, along with complete vitamins and recommended trace minerals as well as anti-oxidants.


Contents per daily serving:58g
2 Level Scoops
Glucosamine HCl5,000mg
Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)5,000mg
L-Lycine(L-Lycine HCl)2,000mg
DL-Methionine 1,500mg
Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid)3,000mg
Vitamin A 25,000
Vitamin D3 7,200
Vitamin E(dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate)1,500
Vitamin K(Hetrazeen)45mg
Vitamin B1(Thiamine HCl)90mg
Vitamin B3(Niacin)140mg
Vitamin B5(Calcium Pantothenate)180mg
Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine)45mg
Vitamin B12(Cyanocobalamin)200mcg
Folic Acid(Folate)9.0mg
Choline(Choline Chloride)200mg
Calcium(Mono Calcium Phosphate &Calcium Carbonate)6,500mg
Phosphorus(Mono Calcium Phosphate)4,500mg
Magnesium(Magnesium Oxide)2,000mg
Chromium(Chromium Yeast)1,800mg
Manganese(Manganese Proteinate)140mg
Zinc(Zinc Proteinate)180mg
Iron(Iron Proteinate)27mg
Copper(Copper Proteinate)54mg
Selenium (Sodium Selenite) 1.4 mg
Cobalt Cobalamin 54mcg
Iodine(Calcium Iodate)1.2mg
In-Active Ingredients
Molasses Powder 1,800mg


Recommended Serving:
Daily Maintenance: 1 level scoop, twice per day.


Recommended for diets in the following list of horses that may need added calcium and phosphorus (ie: mixed grass hay diets):

Brood mares in foal.
Lactating mares.
Optimum health for breeding stallions.
Yearlings and weanlings.
Gymkhana light sport and pleasure horses.

Cost - (USD Funds)

1.75 kg (3.85 lb)  $65.98  (30 day supply)
6.00 kg (13.20 lb)  $166.98  (103 day supply)
20.00 kg (44.00 lb)  $503.98  (345 day supply)

Top dressed, excellent compliance. No fillers or flavorings added. Prices subject to change without notice.


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Reviews [Write A Review]

A variety of Horses

Posted by Dolly Hodgins on 7/23/2020

The broodmare, when I got her.she didn't grow much hoof or know the kind, the good old blood, a palomino with a thinner slick mane..and her coat was good bur a bit forward, about a year, her hooves have been growing, almost normally, and that mane is getting longer,along with a gorgeous golden Palomino coat#SupportOne..then there is her coly, who had been in a terrible accident before I got him, and was lame behind....a combination of the Support One and Glucosamine PLUS keeps him pretty comfortable and not have all the body stress he sure could have, as well has brought his hooves along quite fact I just had some work done on him by a professional bodyworker, and with all his troubles, is coming along even 3 days later, then theres the old snag mare grr..until she got some Chaste Berry into her..kinda starting to like her now, and of course the same vitamins,..Thank you Pureform, for answering ALL my questions, and having product to fix my brood up...Dolly

Icing on the Cake!!!

Posted by Melissa Levier on 8/2/2017

My Mare has heaves and is on a combo of things to help control it so I don't have to use as much Dexamethasone and she also has a bad knee which is why I decided to try Support One. Well long story short I think this was the final link to controlling her heaves the best I ever have!!!!! We have had very hot humid weather and this usually is very hard on her and calls for the Dex to get her breathing under control, but since I started the Support One she has only had one bad episode and that was the week I ran out and was waiting for my new supply (bad mom and I won't let that happen again). Love this stuff!

Didn't Take Long

Posted by Marilyn Wojnarski on 11/30/2015

Just thought I would touch base with you to let you know how things are going since putting Sawyer on the Support One last week. I started him on Nov. 19 with one scoop in his evening feed. The next 4 days he was given 2 scoops (morning and evening). I started noticing a difference around the third day. I have noticed he moves forward with less asking than before and seems a little happier and more focused. I am pleased with what I see so far and think it was a good idea to get him on this supplement and see how it continues to go over the long term. Thank you.

Support one

Posted by Sharon Ingham Lessard on 1/12/2014

My horses have only been on this product 6 weeks and WOW,what a change.Fantastic product and customer service.I would highly recommend this company and product.TY Shelly,you took the time to go into my horses problems and gave me exactly what I needed.

Truly Healthy as a Horse

Posted by Lani J. French on 11/26/2013

My performance horses have been on Support One for 18 months and I feed them plain oats and stable milled flax on a daily basis. They are the healthiest horses I have ever had. Thank you SciencePure for making the best equine health products in PUREFORM.

Does a body Good

Posted by Sharon Peel on 11/19/2013

Dom was switched to this just after his 42nd birthday. Before he was on Glucosamine Plus. Did not believe the zip it put in his step. In August he ran in the Gymkhana at the Chilliwack Fair and cut 5 seconds at least off all 6 events.


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