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Protocol GMB

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Registered Natural Product Number (NPN) #80029787

Registered Manufacturing Site License #301262

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GMB contains the following pharmaceutical grade ingredients per 5.6g Serving:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride  
Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)  
Vitamin C Buffered (Calcium Ascorbate)
Calcium (Calcium Ascorbate)

The contents of this product are free of all artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives, and common allergens.


Recommended Adult Oral Powder: Take 1 scoop (5.6g) once daily, mixed in 6oz of water, juice, coffee or tea (may not be palatable with milk products). Take with food a few hours before or after other medications. Avoid taking at bedtime. Use for a minimum of 4 weeks to see beneficial effects.

Recommended Adult Oral Capsules: Take 7 capsules daily with food a few hours before or after other medications. Avoid taking at bedtime. Use for a minimum of 4 weeks to see beneficial effects.

Known Adverse Reactions: If loose stool occurs, reduce serving by half for 7 days, slowly increasing to desired result or consult with a health care practitioner if symptoms worsen. Do not use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.


Helps in connective tissue formation. Helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Helps in the development and maintenance of bones.

GMB specifically acts to increase the rate of repair and maintain the integrity of connective tissue structures, such as cartilage, joint synovial lubricating fluids, nails, hair, blood vessel walls, mucus membranes, etc. that degenerate with age or intense performance sport.

GMB is presented as a cost-effective, palatable loose powder or easy to swallow Vegetable base capsules. GMB does not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavorings, coloring or preservatives and is free of all common allergenic sources such as soy, soya, wheat, milk, yeast, corn, citrus or eggs.


The following side benefits may occur; increased energy, soft skin, stronger hair, clearing of skin problems, stronger nails, less aches and pains within the joints and muscles, fewer headaches, improved digestion and blood circulation, improved sleep patterns.

Cost - (USD Funds)

600 grams (1.32 lb)  $49.98  (107 day supply)
350 grams (12 oz)  $29.98  (63 day supply)


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Reviews [Write A Review]

Finally .... something that actually works!

Posted by Colin T on 6/19/2015

I have tried various products over the last few years, either not enough ingredients in them or the price was too high. A 3 month supply, the ingredients are high dosage and yet the price is still very affordable. I will be a customer for life, ALL knee pain has completely been eliminated. I have been taking the product for about 5, 6 weeks. I take the powdered 1 scoop a day formula. Thanks for making a product that actually works!!!

Made a Difference

Posted by Teresa Anderson on 5/20/2014

I suffer from osteoarthritis and have already had one knee replacement. My movement in shoulders and hip are significantly better. Wonderful!

Helping me along

Posted by Carol Fletcher on 1/25/2014

I have taken this product and would recommend it highly. It makes my day easier and I can walk without pain along with all the other things I do in life. It is an excellent product. Thanks


Posted by Marvin on 11/18/2013

I can really explain how grateful I am that, for the last 3 years being on the GMB, my retired aging body is not holding me back with arthritis pain. My life is full with quadding, fishing, hiking in the Summers and quadding, sledding, downhill skiing, ice fishing and curling in the Winters. It may be cold in Canada but my body doesn't ache because it is.

No more pain or medications

Posted by Leonore Claypool on 11/15/2013

I've had recurring SI joint problem with lower back pain for many years. Chiropractic and A.R.T. treatment with medication used to help until recently. I completed the treatments so mobile again but there was a new symptomatic pain that wouldn't go away. Xrays were suggested because I most likely have arthritis in this joint. After two days ob GMB I felt better and had even more mobility. A week later I forgot all about it. I have reduced to taking two twice a day and my naturopath even agrees this is good for me!


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