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Pure MSM

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From our research, treatment serving for recovery from acute soft tissue injury is in the range of 10-20 grams (10,000 mg 20,000 mg) of orally administered MSM per day. This range depends upon of severity of injury and weight of horse.

The serving may be reduced as improvement is noted and discontinued altogether once horse is sound.

For symptoms of soft tissue trauma, the serving may vary from 5 g (5000 mg) to 15 g (15,000 mg) per day depending upon weight or horse, level of activity and degree of stress associated with discipline. Increased absorption of the MSM through the stomach into the blood stream may be obtained by adding vitamin C at 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg per 10,000 mg MSM.

Cost - (USD Funds)

300 grams (11 oz)  $13.98  (30 doses)
1.00 kg (2.20 lb)  $32.98  (100 doses)
5.00 kg (11.00 lb)  $106.98  (500 doses)


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Reviews [Write A Review]

Saved my life

Posted by Ron Blanc on 10/25/2014

Have used it for my pets but therapeutic doses of MSM combined with ascorbic acid and gelatin has taken me from bone on bone in my lower spine (semi paraplegic) to full, pain-free mobility. This protocol is the absolute cornerstone of metabolic health.


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