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First Response

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First Response is quite possibly the most effective Bute Free - Herbal formulas on the market today.
All ingredients are known for their fast acting natural relief of pain and inflammation due to soft tissue or ligament trauma or even advanced arthritis. Best used when pharmaceutical medicines are not available or an option. First Response also supports the immune system and respiratory organs as well as maintaining a healthy circulatory system. So much good goes into each scoop, it will soon become a favorite of yours to have on hand just in case.



per 22g (22,000 mg) 5 g (5000 mg)

Glucosamine HCl


5,427 mg




5,427 mg


Vitamin E

dl-alpha tocopheryl

1,100 IU



Magnesium Carbonate

220 mg



Magnesium Oxide

880 mg



(65% Boswellic acids)

3,667 mg




2,933 mg


Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid

1,613 mg


Molasses Powder


  733 mg



Serving Size: (22g) 1 scoop provided, per 250kg (550 lb) body weight.
May be administered during a meal or on a full stomach. This product may oral dosed.

½ teaspoon (5000 mg) per 25 pounds of body weight. With meal, twice daily.

Cost - (USD Funds)

300 grams (11 oz)  $54.98  (14 Servings)
1.00 kg (2.20 lb)  $162.98  (46 Servings)
2.00 kg (4.40 lb)  $275.98  (91 Servings)


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Reviews [Write A Review]

Pigeon Fever Horses

Posted by Jacki Sandquist on 8/3/2021

Absolutely an amazing product! My mule started to show symptoms of pigeon fever and by the time I knew what was going on it became horrible overnight (extreme swelling, abcesses, pain, edema). I called pureform and they suggested first response. At this point my mule was on Bute and starting to get really bad edema and could hardly walk. I put him on first response immediately and the next day he was so much happier. I could actually take Sergeant Major on walk and his swelling reduced. I felt so much better that he wasn't on prescription meds and I can have him on a safe nutraceutical with 10x better results (its easier on the horses body and well being) . Then my Warlander named Aurora started to show some swelling under her belly and chest so I quickly gave her the first response. Her pigeon fever did not become sever, she never abscessed and the swelling resided. Because I put her on the first response ASAP the end results were phenomenal. Both have made a full recovery and are doing well. First Response is far more superior than any other product I have ever used. Highly Recommended.

First Response to the rescue

Posted by Julie Moorcroft on 5/13/2020

So very happy to have the help of this great product. My mare Grace decided to jump a very high fence and didnt make it safely. Sge cut her stifle and basically scrapped all the hair off her cannon bones as well as suffering cuts to varying degrees. Immediately started her on First Response and was delighted to see swelling resolving very quickly over the course of the morning. Despite being stalled the First Response is also helping to prevent stocking up in her uninjured legs. So very happy to use this great product and highly recommend it.

Outstanding product

Posted by Tiffany Evans on 1/12/2017

We thought we were going to lose my 16 year old gelding. He was already laying down and rolling. We were having a hard time keeping him up and moving. Within 1½ hours of giving him First Response and praying, he was up and moving. Thank you Lord and First Response

love, love, love

Posted by Barb on 5/28/2014

I love, love, love your products. The First Response is keeping Cody (my 18yr old gelding) moving and feeling like a 3 year old, even at 1/2 the recommended serving.

Never Leave Home Without It!

Posted by Shelley on 11/14/2013

First Response our most favorite natural pain relief supplement. Swelling reduces fairly quickly relative to the injury and I can see the comfort return my horse. We love it and our horses eat it with the grain no problem. Watch out for the orange cucumin, can stain clothing .. LOL.


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