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Glucosamine Plus (Natural Vitamin E, d-alpha tocopheryl succinate)

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This award winning Arthritis formula, developed in 1997, was the first of it's kind to deliver Glucosamine HCl, MSM (distillation method to produce purity 99.8%), Magnesium and anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and Natural Vitamin E. This formula won’t be for everyone’s wallet but for those who know the difference, we offer it specifically for horses who need the higher absorbing Vitamin E.

Glucosamine Plus benefits have been recorded extensively since 1997 and is the benchmark for all other joint aid products on the market. There is a difference however in this specific formula as we offer the highest absorbing Natural Vitamin E in Succinate form. Derived from Sunflower seeds, this product works synergistically to increase absorption and the speed in which it starts to relieve pain due to osteoarthritis and so much more.


Recommended Serving:
Daily Maintenance: ½ scoop, twice per day.
Therapeutic: One level scoop, twice per day.

Cost - (USD Funds)

1.50 kg (3.30 lb)  $85.95  (60 scoop servings / 25g)


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Pureform Equine Supplements are scientifically superior!

Equine Veterinary published a study: Equine vet J. (2006) 38 (1) 93-95. Evaluation of Glucosamine levels in commercial equine oral supplements for joints. Based on glucosamine levels measured in this study, a 10 g dose was achieved by only 2 of the 23 products.

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