Buffer Support for Stomach

1.5 kg (3.3 lb) offers 100 servings of 15g. To reduce empty stomach acid splash and protect stomach wall from ulcers.
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Stomach Buffering Support: Extra strength calcium buffer

Formulated to temporarily reduce stomach acid splash and stomach wall protection for horses working on an empty stomach.


Active ingredients per 15 grams daily:

Calcium carbonate 8,000 mg

Magnesium Oxide 2,500 mg

Magnesium Proteinate (Chelate) 2,500 mg

L-Glutamine 2,000 mg

How to use

Recommended dose by oral syringe or top dressed:

Horse (800 lb / 363 kg up): 15 grams (3 tsp scoops) - 20 minutes before exercise or travel, by oral syringe or top dress on ration.
Pony (500 lb - 799 lb / 228 kg - 362 kg): 10 grams (2 tsp scoops) - 20 minutes before exercise or travel, by oral syringe or top dress on ration.


Why Use:

If you think or know your horse has ulcers then you may need this product. But you also may not know that your horse, any horse, wild, domestic, stalled or pastured, naturally grazes with head low for 20 hours a day. Your horse is equiped with a small, two section stomach that empties every “45 minutes”.
When a horse does not have access to forage/roughage for more than 2 hours, gastric acids in the lower stomach build up, causing unbearable pain, burning the stomach lining, and eventually creating ulcerous damage.
No matter what your feeding schedule is, grazing hay or grass for 85 percent of the day is the most important function for the mental and physical well-being of the domestic horse! Especially if you want to keep your horse's stomach happy, ulcer free and encourage natural biome growth throughout the GI Tract!

Take a read for What Causes Equine Ulcers:


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