PUREFORM CoolAsIce - Helps to reduce performance anxiety and aids in mental focus.
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Intended Use for CoolAsIce is to Reduce Performance Anxiety

PUREFORM CoolAsIce is perfect for use in any stressful environment. It helps to ease tension and may increase mental focus on the event day or post time race.  This calming formula has been designed to ease stress-induced anxiety and promote a more focused state of mind through the warm-up and competition, while allowing you control and improvement. One dose last most horses 6-8 hours. 

Not recommended for F.E.I tested events.

Ingredients Per Dose (44 g)

L-tryptophan: 6,000 mg / 44 g

Valerian Root Extract: 3,000 mg / 44 g

Molasses Powder: 35,000 mg / 44 g

Recommended Dose

Serving Size: 44 grams (1.55 oz) is one single serving = 1.5 scoops Mixed serving with 30 ml water, once daily. Oral Syringe 4 to 5 hours before training, racing or non tested F.E.I. competitive sport. Ensure fresh drinking water is available to the animal at all times.

NOTE: If your horse is Insulin Resistant - This formula is not recommended. Try extra Vitamin B or pure L-Tryptophan as a performance calming aid.


Health Canada Registered VHP NN.222H

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