PUREFORM Spirulina is an organic, extract of blue-green algae
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Product Size : 300g (11 oz) 34 servings of 8g

Organic Blue-green Algae for a healthy gut aid to allergies.

PUREFORM Organic Spirulina supports the immune system, GI tract, and metabolic health. Also has shown benefit in horses with allergies and respiratory issues because of seasonal or environmental allergies.


Recommended serving

Recommended to start small amount (pinch), mixed well to build palatability. Administered orally, top dressed and may be split into 2 servings.

Miniature Horse: 91 kg - 182 kg (200 lb - 400 lb)
Pinch to start then slowly increase to 1 teaspoon scoop (8g) per day

Pony: 182 kg - 318 kg (400 lb - 700 lb)
Pinch to start then slowly increase to 2 teaspoon scoops (16g) per day

Horse: 318 kg - 500 kg (700 lb - 1100 lb)
Pinch to start then slowly increase to 3 teaspoon scoops (24 g) per day

Horse Over 500 kg (1100 lb), 24g-32g per day
Pinch to start then slowly increase
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