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PUREFORM Equine Product Questionnaire

As a valued customer, what you have to say is very important to the development of our company and products. This easy questionnaire type form gives us the opportunity to hear from you directly. Please fill in the lines below to the best of your ability.
The breed of your horse:
Age of horse:
Choose one or two of the following equine occupations:


When you call our Toll Free Order line:

a) Are you happy with our customer service operator?

b) Do you receive your order in a timely manner?
Which of the following PUREFORM Product(s) you would like to tell us about:
How did you hear about this supplement?

Did your horse like this supplement?

Was this product easy to use?

How long have you been using this supplement?

Please tell us briefly some of the nutritional or physical issues before using this supplement.

Is this supplement helping with your horses personal needs?

Please tell us briefly some of the changes you have seen in your horse after using this supplement?
Mobility Changes: 
Attitude Changes: 
Physical Changes: (such as hooves, coat, respiratory, recovery)
What changes did you see that you didn’t expect to see?
Have you recommended this supplement to others?

Other comments you would like to tell us?
Thank you for taking the time to participate and informing us about your individual experiences with our company and products.
May we publish your information on the website or printed advertisement?




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