Sponsored Athletes - Barrel Racers

- Lisa Zachoda, Alberta, Canada -

“I have partnered with SciencePure and PUREFORM Equine Health Supplements because we have had success and have used the Performance Supplements since 2010. Our Barrel Horses are keen and focused on their job, travel great, move and look wonderful. You can’t get any better than that.” https://www.facebook.com/PureFormFanPage/videos/1431977503585037

- Lindsey Innes, British Columbia, Canada -

“ PUREFORM Equine Health Supplements have been a significant part of my nutritional program since 2012. In all that I do to keep my horses moving properly and decreasing run times, the PUREFORM Products are integral to our successes. Performance One surpasses the basics and the added performance boost to last the whole season with consistant hard runs.” https://www.facebook.com/lindsey.innes

- Amanda Harder, Alberta, Canada -

“I have been feeding PUREFORM Equine Supplements since 2017, and my horses have never looked or performed better. I use a variety of different PUREFORM products on my barrel horses as each has different needs and the PUREFORM team is very helpful in answering my questions with knowledgeable and informative answers for the best individual result. I am a huge fan of all the products but my favourites are the Mare Support with Chastetree Berry, Performance One, First Response, and the AirFlow for that little extra attention in their running attitude!

The Cool As Ice also works wonders on my hotter horses by calming and yet not take away from the speed! I am very pleased to be able to represent such a great line of supplements!” https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006448243264

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