The CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM Relationship and Effects on your Horse

The Calcium / Magnesium Relationship Effects

Calcium is found mostly outside the cells

Magnesium is found inside the cells

Calcium excites

Magnesium calms

Calcium contributes to clotting

Magnesium contributes to blood flow

Calcium is found in bones

Magnesium is found in soft tissue

Calcium helps muscles contract

Magnesium helps muscles relax


According to the Nutritional Magnesium Association, the 2:1 elemental calcium-to-magnesium ratio was recommended. It is important to note that this ratio is for weights of elemental calcium and elemental magnesium, not the weights of their compounds. It is also indicated for all sources of calcium and magnesium intakes including forage, water and supplements to be calculated.

In dietary supplements the ratio of calcium to magnesium can vary with some manufacturers having an approximate 2:1 ratio and some having a 1:1 ratio. Having both magnesium and calcium at these ratios and in the system at the same time aids in the calcium synthesis into the bones and teeth.

At SciencePure Nutraceuticals, our all-in-one Pureform Equine Health Supplement concentrate formulas will range close to the 2:1 ratio, depending on the formula chosen to help balance the calcium and phosphorus ratio of your forage type.

Calcium: There are three primary forms of calcium used in supplements; carbonate, citrate, and phosphate anhydrous. Calcium carbonate is the form typically used by manufacturers in stomach acid buffering products, for horses standing without forage for more than 3 hours at a time and to reduce acid stress and ulcer probability. This is a owner management realization. In that, you know horses are a 18-20 hours a day grazing animal. The equine stomach is small and actually is emptied into the small intestine within 45 - 60 minutes after the last hay bit or blade of grass has been eated. Another 40 - 60 minutes the stomach acids start to build and become an irritant, so the horse is looking for something else to eat or chew on just to give the acids to work on and not the stomach wall. This is why hay nets and slow feeders are on the market and a good idea for those horses in a dry stall or paddock.

Now - on to the rest of the calcium information.

A study comparing the absorption and efficacy of the following forms showed that all forms were absorbed and raised calcium levels in a similar manner but most importantly, similarly reduced the rate of bone resorption – the primary reason for calcium supplementation. (Elemental percentage indicated):

calcium carbonate (40% Ca), calcium citrate (21% Ca), monocalcium phosphate (18% Ca: 22% Ph), dicalcium phosphate (50% Ca: 50% Ph).

NOTE: If the meal plan is balanced, the only reason to feed extra calcium should be to protect calcium from being resorbed (pulled out) from bone as an adverse effect of long-term use of ulcer medications containing omeprazole. In this case veterinarians may recommend dosing extra calcium later in the day from giving the main meal with concentrated multi mineral supplement.


Magnesium: Choosing organic sources like nuts high in magnesium may be on the expensive side for sustaining a horse’s muscle and mental needs. The most common found are the following. (Elemental percentage indicated) magnesium oxide (58% Mg but as low as 4% absorption without a hydrochloric or stomach acid present), carbonate (42% Mg and as low as 10% absorption without a hydrochloric or stomach acid present), citrate (16% Mg, highly bioavailable), malate (15% Mg, highly bioavailable), proteinate/chelate (10% Mg, highly bioavailable). There are at least 4 more forms of organic forms. Glycinate, Lactate, L-Threonate and Orotate.

NOTE - If balanced meal plan is given but extra magnesium needed for the follow, can be given at a different time of day then the multi mineral concentrate :

  • Magnesium absorption is altered in cases of certain gastrointestinal disorders for example; ulcers, leaky gut, funguses and parasites.
  • Increased levels of stress can result in decreased levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which results in decreased absorption of magnesium.
  • Magesium to help reduce fatty pockets or cresting (thickening) neck as a result of metabolic issues.
  • Magnesium to assist muscle relaxation when overworked or over stressed.


BIOAVAILABILITY: Because magnesium is a very chemically active metallic element, it occurs naturally only in combination with other elements. magnesium supplements are usually a combination of magnesium with another substance such as a salt or, in case of magnesium bisglycinate, a chelated magnesium (a chelated mineral is one that is bonded to another molecule, typically amino acids). They occur as organic and inorganic magnesium salts. Each combination with magnesium provides different amounts of elemental magnesium. The amount of magnesium and its bioavailability determine the effectiveness of the supplement.

Bioavailability refers to how easily a substance is absorbed by the body and refers to the proportion of the administered substance capable of being absorbed along with that available for cellular uptake, use or storage. In short, the amount of magnesium that your tissues can use readily is based on how soluble the magnesium product is and the amount of elemental magnesium that is released. Another factor that affects the absorption of magnesium is the existing magnesium levels of the individual, as magnesium will be less rapidly absorbed if body levels are already adequate and excreted through the urine or stools if given in excess.

The extent of water solubility of magnesium compounds plays a part in magnesium’s availability and oral absorption. Those forms that dissolve well in liquid are more completely absorbed in the gut than less soluble forms.


SUPER NOTE: Applied kinesiology or muscle testing by a skilled holistic healer can also help determine your need for magnesium or any nutrient for that matter. If you need more assistance in the matter, please feel free to conact Shelley (myself) by email: or Toll Free within the USA and Canada: 1-877-533-9163.

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