Equine Performance Support and Enhancing Formulas Equine Performance Support and Enhancing Formulas

Performance & Hoof Care Aids

Performance-enhancing supplements

* PureForm Performance ONE is our most complex all in one formula that delivers a willingness and ability to work with joint stability, ligament integrity, muscle stamina, aid to muscle suppleness, gut health, level energy, fabulous feet, topline development and beautiful deepness to your horse's colour. There isn't a competitive discipline that does not enjoy the multitude of benefits this formula provides, from the cellular level to what you see change every week.  You are welcome! 

Note: If feeding Performance One, no other complex Vitamin/Mineral product is needed. Ideally, this formula can be fed with oats, a simple bagged mix with fibre, Alfalfa or Timothy pellets or soaked cubes.  Salt is always recommended as an add-in.   

* PureForm BCAA Formula is designed to improve equine muscle mass and subtleness of muscle and reduce lactic acid soreness from over training. FEI-Safe and wonderful for horses suffering from muscle spasms, such as PSSM and even colic.

* PureForm CoolAsIce supplement is trusted by equine competitors coast to coast as a pre-event calming agent. This supplement is our only product that should NOT be used at FEI Tested Events, but Barrel Racer's enjoy the calming effects without taking away from the run speed.

* PureForm AirFlow is often used to help expand the horse's nasal passage to improve air intake with only 10mL. This is our only liquid that helps with coughs due to upper respiratory issues and seasonal allergies.

* PureForm Buffer Support is a calcium buffering agent that subsides stomach acids from rising and causing discomfort or ulcer situations during long travels, trail rides or performance events where your horse is not able to eat calmly. 

* PureForm Hoof Support is essential for growth and depth of the hoof horn and sole of a horse. Has been available only since 2022 but already creating amazing feet.