Equine Joint Health Formulas Equine Joint Health Formulas

Equine supplements for healthy joint and connective tissue


Whether you have performance, injured or aging horses, PureForm's Joint Support Aid supplements deliver concise, scientifically and synergistic absorbed nutrients for your horse needs to reduce pain due to osteoporosis, rebuild synovial fluid and maintain healthy bones and joints to maintain a quality of life and performance longevity.

Other than pharmaceutical grade MSM and Glucosmaine HCl, Vitamin C is a core ingredient in our joint supplements which plays a strong role in maintaining healthy cartilage, tendons and bones. It also increases the rate of cell regeneration by decreasing the body’s natural inflammatory responses, thus improving the over all integrity of connective tissue and joint synovial fluid. Magnesium in two forms, aids the absorption through the stomach wall and blood brain barrier.

PureForm's concentrated Joint Aid formulas are effective at slowing the advancement of osteoarthritis and, best of all, your horse will love the natural flavours and you'll love the positive results.

What causes Osteoathritis (OA)?

Here is just a quick look into why there is pain associated with the loss of articular cartilage that encapsules each end of two moving joint bones. In a horse, that is basically every three inches from the head poll, down the neck and back to the tip of the tail, but we mostly see the symptoms when OA degrades one or more of the leg or ankle joints.  The two main causes of OA are: 1) Incorrect conformation from breeding bad conformation or birth abnormalities - or - 2) Abnormal forces placed on normal musculoskeletal tissue from repetitive motion and trauma of jarring beyond the level the horse is ready for.  Which, lets face it, is every equine performance sport that starts training before the age of 6 as the joints are still developing until 6 and are finally solid at 8.