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Pureform Hoof Support offers growth, strength and depth development - As featured in American Farriers Journal. Only 5-10 grams a day helps to optimize cellular structures for changes in depth and density of the hoof. Add growth to mane and tail.
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PUREFORM Hoof Support: Extra strengthening to hoof wall and sole

Formulated to support healthy hooves, sole, mane, and tail growth. Only 5-10 grams a day helps to optimize cellular structures for changes in depth and density of the hoof. Add growth to mane and tail.


Active ingredients per 10 grams daily:  (100 days at 10 g / day)

L Lysine 2,500 mg

DL Methionine 2,500 mg

L Threonine 2,500 mg

Magnesium Proteinate (Chelate) 1,000 mg

Zinc Citrate 450 mg

BioChrome digestive yeast 1,000 mg

D Biotin 75 mg

How to use

Recommended dose - Top Dressed:

Horse (800 lb / 363 kg up): 10 grams (2 scoops) daily. May be split into 5 grams (1 scoop) twice daily, unless advised differently by your veterinarian.

Pony (500 lb - 799 lb / 228 kg - 362 kg): 5 grams (1 scoop) daily, unless advised differently by your veterinarian.

NOTE: If you are using one of our All-In-One Nutritional Concentrates, you will only need to use a dosage of 5g scoop once a day.

Cautions: Not to mix with hoof fortifying ingredients with commercial feed mixes that have already been fortified over 25 mg of Biotin.


Canada Health registration: VHP NN.H604


Enviromental and Health Tips to Strong Hooves:

1. Keep the horse’s environment clean

Whether a horse has access to a stall or is on full turnout, providing a dry area free from mud and excess manure is key to promoting hoof health. If the horse doesn’t have stall access, improve drainage around shelter areas so he has space to get out of wet mucky areas, allowing his hooves time to dry. For horses with stall access, picking their feet and giving them time in a clean, bedded stall, helps.

Horses that live in mud, or worse, mud with manure or rotting hay mixed into it, have poor-quality feet.

2. Feed a balanced diet

Work with a veterinarian or an equine nutritionist to ensure your horse’s daily ration provides all the nutrients he needs. If your vet or nutritionist identifies any deficiencies, supplement is necessary. In most horses, consuming the water-soluble B vitamin through pasture and alfalfa and through production of biotin by microbes in the horse’s hindgut is enough for healthy hair coat and hoof growth. However, horses with brittle, weak hooves or frequent shoe pulling might benefit from additional biotin in their diet.

R.F. “Ric” Redden, a renowned veterinarian and farrier of the International Equine Podiatry Center, based in Versailles, Kentucky, recommends a startup dose of 100 milligrams of biotin per day. Once hoof wall quality shows improvement in the new growth, which can take weeks to months, you can reduce doses to 50 milligrams per day and, over time, potentially further, he said.

3. Promote good circulation

Hoof growth depends on adequate nutrient blood flow to the tubular and solar papillae. The mechanical relationship between the suspension and support components apparently determine how well blood is delivered to the specialized cells responsible for producing the cornified cells that compose horn wall, sole, and bars, Redden explained.

Feet are not equal, they have unique characteristics and influences, such as environment, wear,  growth, age, nutrition, structural limitations and genetics. Exercise alone isn’t enough to encourage foot growth, but regular activity and specific hoof trimming methods can help support circulation.

4. Possibly a use topicals

Topical hoof hardeners have mixed reviews. Difficult horses might need a hoof hardener painted onto the wall and sole before and after turnout, said Rucker. Hoof hardeners can be helpful, especially if you eliminate exposure to excessive moisture. But the traditional mud or clay used used to pull heat from the feet starts a vicious cycle that can quickly destroy the strength and durability of even the best feet when they maintain too much moisture.

“Once waterlogged, the heel tubules no longer have structural stability, lose natural recall, and subsequently fold inward and forward,” he said. “Add exercise and speed, and we have a perfect recipe for perpetuating the proverbial crushed heel.”

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