Equine Trauma Aids - Effective Herbal Relief Equine Trauma Aids - Effective Herbal Relief

Equine Trauma Aids - Natural Relief from Pain

Faster recovery after injury or trauma with FIRST RESPONSE


Every horse owner's nightmare is to have something happen to cause pain to their horse. Whether at home, in the pasture or on the road, when it does happen, and with horses, it usually does, PureForm's trauma and recovery formula "First Response" is our go to immediately or 36 hour after the you or your vet has slowed down on the bute or banimine. 

First Response was our very first formula (1997) and specifically designed to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and pain as well as speeding up the healing process with Curcumin (95% curcumoids) and Boswellia (65% boswellic acids). These two key natural plant extracts have been well-documented the world over for their anti-inflammatory properties and an essential part of a Bute Free and natural potent relief. This supplement is best given with a small amount of dampened food, stirred, and even a small amount of coconut oil will help with absorption.

* Aid in the reduction of tissue swelling due to injury.

* Aid in restoring trauma tissue to natural state

* Aid inflammation due to allergies

  • Reduce eye weeping and nasal running


Equine Trauma Aids - Mental Anxiety Reduced

Reduce equine anxiety with CoolAsIce

Every horse owner's nightmare is that something has happened to cause a spike in anxiety.  Whether at home, at the trainers, in the trailoring or in the arena. Our "CoolAsIce" is a formula that will last 6-8 hours of reducing the fear and anxiety for any of the afore mentioned situations.    

However, if your horse has been diagnosed with IR (insulin resistance) or any other metabolic dissorder, it is not recommended to use CoolAsIce due to the tryptophan and molasses content.  

Two key ingredients in the formula are, Tryptophan and Valerian root extract, in a concentration that will not reduce a horse's performance ability, both mentally and physically.  Most cases have shown a better mental focus while the anxiety greatly reduced.  If however, the horse does reacts higher or less controled than you wish, we recommend you have your horse tested for insulin resistance in the near future.  

 This supplement is best given with an oral syringe, mixed with water into a water paste.  The smell is earthy strong and may not take to it with food. 

CoolAsIce is also not recommended given before an F.E.I. sanctioned event that is tested. Valerian Root is NOT a Test Free ingredient. 

If you have questions about any of our supplement administrations or effects, please contact us directly to advise you. info@sciencepure.com or Toll Free: 1-877-533-9163.