Sponsored Athletes: Show Jumping

- Jill Henselwood, International Grand Prix Show Jumping & Trainer of Olympians -

Question: How has the PUREFORM Supplements changed your Show Jumping horses?
JH: Pureform supplements did not change the horse's disposition (some people think that the supplements will make the horses wild). The benefits are seen in the support of their fitness, longevity, suppleness and ability to compete well in show jumping all season long.

Question: How do your horses manage to perform with the demands of traveling the world every year?
JH: The travel and demands that these horses undergo require us to keep their nutritional needs met even while traveling to the competitions. The only additions to the Performance One is a extra need for electrolytes pre travel and once landed. (PUREFORM Electrolyte Concentrate)

Question:What other supplements are part of your program?
JH: Since Special Ed has been on Performance One and has matured as an athlete he does not require any extra supplement except Performance One - actually both he and Black Ice use Performance ONE exclusive to any other product and seem to keep their energy at top level. This included travel to Brazil and all the work of the Pan Am Games - the only extra was a hand full of salt that we added.

Question: Jill, you have been using PUREFORM Supplements since 2001 - What do you think might happen if you stopped using PUREFORM Supplements?
JH:I have no intention of stopping the support of Pureform to my horses - I am hoping that Performance One and I will make the Olympic team and take us to China in 2008.

Jill Henselwood and Special Ed accomplishments

- Elizabeth Gingras, Grand Prix Show Jumping -

"We have been using PUREFORM Supplements for all my Grand Prix Show Jumping horses since 2009. The formulas ensure my horses are getting the joint and muscle support needed to perform their best no matter how far we travel to compete. I have been very happy with the results."

Watch her in action

- Andrea Strain, Grand Prix Show Jumping -

"First Response is another amazing supplement you provide. Even though it can be messy to use (I'm getting quite good at it). The results as a travel aid and re-event has been superior in that it allows my two Grand Prix Show Jumpers to keep their times short and the finish strong. They are then still fresh one hour later for the jump off. The legs stay tight and their usual soreness is gone. We always make sure we have some at home and the trailer."