Equine Digestive Aids & GI Support Equine Digestive Aids & GI Support

Digestive Aids & Electrolytes

Digestive aids for GI health


* PureForm's plant fermented Digestive Enzymes formula is an easy-to-dose, blend of 9 active plant-based enzymes. This formula is specially designed to help your horse break down high molecular weight substances in the stomach and increase micro flora and feed biome throughout the GI tract. Digestive Enzymes help horses to maintain a healthly stomach pH range of 3 - 8, working continuously throughout the pH variation in the digestive tract to ensure horses get the maximum possible nutrition from their food.

* PureForm Electrolyte Concentrate formula is free of sugars and contains the proper ratio of the electrolytes Potassium:Sodium:Chloride (1:2:4), with the added digestive benefit calcium and magnesium. Not only does this formula replenish lost electrolytes during exercise, given daily during extreme weather changes (winter or summer), this formula will ensure your horse is drinking water, which will inturn reduce instances of tying up or most types of colic.

* PureForm Vitamin E and Selenium are key ingredients to a healthy nutrient absorbing digestive system. Selenium is required for equine muscle development and growth. Along with Vitamin E, it is a component of proteins that prevent muscle conditions such as tying up (nutritional myopathy or exertional rhabdomyolysis). This essential mineral is also important for reproductive health. 

* Pureform Buffer Support formula was designed to ease instances of ulcer syptoms by reducing the gastic acids and stomach acid splash from emptied stomach. When a horse does not have access to forage/roughage for more than 2-6 hours, gastric acids in the lower stomach build up, causing unbearable pain, burning the stomach lining, and eventually creating ulcerous damage.  

* Pureform Spirulina is an amazing natural remedy for boosting GI tract microflora and probiotics. Our Spirulina is certified organic blue-green algae that horses learn to like the taste of. The benefits range from reduced allergies reactions from enviromental, food and even sweet-itch. A true Super Food than has a high protein content.