Sponsored Athletes: Harness Racing

- Gordon Irwin -

“Young horses prove themselves over time,” “I just take it one day at a time. I went through it with Invitro and brother Bigtime Ball, you can only go one race at a time and make sure they get their supplements from SciencePure Nutraceuticals - PUREFORM Performance ONE, Electrolyte Concentrate and the Stable Milled Flax. I don't go for the quick treatments many other trainers do. These supplements have helped my horses race consistently at the top of their game and earn over $2 million dollars since 2001.”

- Calvin Nyuli, Owner/Breeder of Standardbred Trotters and Pacers, PUREFORM Farms -

"PUREFORM Equine supplements are definitely a science. Performance Horses have so many issues to deal with from behavior and health to joint and digestion. All our mares, foals, yearling and racing stock are on a clean diet with analysis to fit the right supplement to their needs. One supplement is key to all phases of the race horse; Glucosamine PLUS. From there, we will fit the Support Formulas and Performance Formulas. Science Pure Nutraceuticals formulas allows us to race consistently and for the full benefit of the horses optimum health and mind."

"Our mares and foals are correct from birth and hit the ground strong and almost ready for anything."