Cool As Ice

Reduce performance anxiety
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Reduce Performance Anxiety

Cool As Ice is perfect for use in a stressful environment. Ease tension and help focus on the event or race with Cool As Ice, our calming formula designed to ease stress-induced anxiety and promote a more focused state of mind through the warm-up and competition, while allowing you control and improvement. One dose last most horses 6-8 hours.

Not recommended for F.E.I tested events.

Ingredients Per Dose (44 g)

L-tryptophan: 6,000 mg / 44 g

Valerian Root Extract: 3,000 mg / 44 g

Molasses Powder: 35,000 mg / 44 g

Recommended Dose

Serving Size: 44 grams (1.55 oz) is one single serving = 1.5 scoops Mixed serving with 30 ml water, once daily. Oral Syringe 4 to 5 hours before training, racing or non tested F.E.I. competitive sport. Ensure fresh drinking water is available to the animal at all times.

NOTE: If your horse is Insulin Resistant - This formula is not recommended. Try extra Vitamin B or pure L-Tryptophan as a performance calming aid.


Health Canada Registered VHP NN.222H