Sponsored Athletes: Barrel Racers

- Lisa Zachoda, Alberta, Canada -

“I have partnered with SciencePure and PUREFORM Equine Health Supplements because we have had success and have used the Performance Supplements since 2010. Our Barrel Horses are keen and focused on their job, travel great, move and look wonderful. You can’t get any better than that.”

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- Lindsey Innes, British Columbia, Canada -

PUREFORM Equine Health Supplements have been a significant part of my nutritional program since 2012. In all that I do to keep my horses moving properly and decreasing run times, the PUREFORM Products are integral to our successes. Performance One surpasses the basics and the added performance boost to last the whole season with consistant hard runs.”

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- Taylor-Jane Gardner, Canada -

"[In 2022], I was looking to add a joint supplement to my feeding program, something that was cost effective & easily available. I just happened to see Glucosamine Plus sitting on the shelf of a local UFA and having used PureForm Supplements in the past with great success, it made for an easy choice to go back to using. And the right choice it was, A Frenchmans Ledoux aka Ledoux had an incredible season in 2022, feeling great from his first rodeo win in May to winning the BCRA Finals Ladies Barrel Racing Championship in September. It was a busy year of hauling & doing multiple events, tired joints were to be expected. So, at the end of the season a Vet Exam was done to see if Ledoux wasn't going to need extra maintenance before I headed into 2023 season, his joints couldn't have looked (with X-Rays as well) or flexed any better. I credit Pure Form for being a part of my program's success of keeping Ledoux's joints happy & healthy, and I look forward to stepping up my routine by switching to Performance One, as well as a couple other great products made from this company to pair with feeding program!"

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