PUREFORM L-Tryptophan is an Amino Acid used for mental focus and mental calming
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Intended Use of PUREFORM L-Tryptophan 

Horse owners using this product should be aware that calming effectiveness will vary significantly for each horse.  

Individual trial dosing for 3 days may need to be done to find your horse’s effective level and may be more effective in horses with higher carbohydrate diets.

1 level teaspoon twice a day has been suggested as a dose from many horses owners for horses who are herd bound or show anxiousness by running the fence or pacing the fence. 

PUREFORM Pure L-Tryptophan  - Guaranteed Annalysis:

1 level 5cc (teaspoon) scoop ..... 1400 mg (1.4 grams) L-Tryptophan 

Serving Size:

1-2 level teaspoons daily, top dressed with meal or as directed by your veterinarian or health practitioner.

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