Vitamin E & Selenium

Muscle integrity and developmental growth
Product Sizes : 250 g (8.8 oz) 83 servings

For musculoskeletal development

PUREFORM Vitamin E & Selenium are antioxidants with Selenium aiding in the maintenance of membrane and muscle integrity, growth development, reproduction, and immune response.

Although selenium is a mineral required by horses in small quantities, the lack of it during pregnancy (or any time) can have some serious consequences. In many areas of North America, the soil is nearly devoid of selenium, which means your horses will need a vitamin E and selenium supplement.

Selenium is required for normal musculoskeletal development. It is absorbed well in conjunction with vitamin E. Without these two vital nutrients, foals can be born with (or later develop) white muscle disease. Also, working horses may be prone to tying-up frequently.


Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate): 3,000 mg / 1 teaspoon(s) (3,000IU)

Selenium (Sodium Selenite): 228.3 µg / 1 teaspoon(s)

Recommended Dose

1 teaspoon (scoop) top dressed, twice daily supplies your horse with 456.6 mcg of Selenium and 6000 IU of Vitamin E (synthetic) per day.